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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is responsible for issues with the drains on our property, or sewage smells etc?

Any issues on the property itself is the responsibility of the property Owner. An Owner owns their house and the footpath that wraps immediately around their building, unless it is a shared public footpath. For apartments, such footpaths have shared ownership. If there is an issue with a drain on the common area only, please contact the Administrator by email or mobile. We cannot take an action relating to your own property.

If I am a new Owner, who should I contact to receive an information pack?

Please email the Board on to request this and to confirm your exact contact details

What is covered by the service charge?

Insurance, lawn cutting, tree maintenance, lighting maintenance, general maintenance and general sewerage maintenance.
Also there is a €400 contribution to the sinking fund.

How much are the service charges?


When are the service charges due?

30th June.

Is there ever any discount on the service charges?

Yes, and this will be explained on your annual service charge invoice.

Will any penalties apply for late payment of service charges?

Yes, a penalty is imposed if the service charge is not paid by July 1st.
The penalty is 15%, which currently amounts to €150

Where can I get a copy of the insurance policy?

There is a copy of the insurance policy located in the documents section of this website.

If I have a general enquiry in relation to the insurance policy, who should I ask?

Please contact the Management company on

If I have a claim to make, who do I contact?

Please contact the Claims Handler, Christopher Merrigan on +353 (0) 1 207 9446 or email him on (please copy on all emails).

How often are the lawns cut?

Lawns are cut weekly, weather permitting. Some areas are impossible to cut during winter as they hold water, so the machines cannot be used.

Do we receive a receipt on payment of services charges?

Yes, you should receive a receipt within a month of the payment clearing the bank account, If you do not, please email the company on in case there was an issue with tracking your payment.

What is the excess on the insurance?

Insurance Excess if with €2,000 per successful claim, and this is the responsibility of the Owner of the property making the claim.

If the upstairs apartment has a roof leak, and it goes through to the downstairs apartment, is it up to the upstairs apartment to claim for all damage and what excess applies, or do both owners have to claim separately in which case, does two times the excess apply?

Provided the damage caused as an insured peril of the policy Both owners would have to claim.

What is considered storm damage?

Damage caused to the property as a result of a storm (Generally recognised by records of the Met office). This would cover wind damage say for instance a roof is damaged by the wind or if a branch or if a branch from a tree damages the roof for instance. It would also cover resulting damage i.e if water entered the property resulting from the damage caused by the storm. This is not to be confused flood damage which would be cause as a result of rising waters from a river sea lake.